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Our brand of care centers on your overall well-being.

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Our team of Caregivers in Orange, Connecticut at Amity Home Care is committed to delivering quality services that exceed our client’s expectations.

We are big enough to provide you with choice, quality systems, and continuous improvement, while small enough to deliver consistency of care through the support of our caregivers and coordinators who implement your care plan.

Our values and systems meet and exceed the standards set by the senior care industry in Connecticut. We are continuously identifying opportunities to enhance our services to better care for our clients.

We believe in our capabilities and deep sincerity in making a difference in the lives of those we serve. Our philosophy is to stand behind the commitments we have made to provide quality in-home care to our clients and to help them reach their maximum level of independence while enjoying the familiar surroundings of their homes.


The Agency’s mission is to provide paraprofessional services to clients in their place of residence thereby assisting them to realize his or her highest level of independence and quality of life. We are committed to providing quality care/service by staff members who recognize the value of the aged and disabled.


We strive to be one of the leading providers of a wide range of quality home care and services, recognized for enduring dedication to provide innovative, professional, and compassionate care to the communities we serve.


Our goals and services are based on two fundamental philosophical principles: the belief in the innate worth of the aged and disabled individual and the belief that each individual, regardless of age, race, color, creed, sex, national origin or handicap(s) is entitled to maximize his potential as a human being and as a member of society.

It is the contention of this agency that the aging process is a normal state in the development of any individual and that chronic disease and disability are, to some degree, a part of that process. This Agency is dedicated to rehabilitating aged and disabled individuals within the confines of their residence, in order that they may maximize their contributions and fulfill their goals as a family member and member of society with a minimum of conflict. In accomplishing this end, it is felt that the self-respect of the individual can and will be enhanced.

To truly live the mission and vision of Amity Home Care, each of the employees is carefully cultivated to ensure that they are highly qualified to provide the necessary care and assistance to our clients. Each of them has undergone a series of strict hiring process, from background inquiries, drug screens, to personal interviews.

When providing Home Care Services, our workforce is as important as our clients, which is why we make sure that they regularly receive training and assessment so we can assure that they are up-to-date with the latest standards and principles in home care and meet our client’s satisfaction.