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5 Foods to Enhance a Senior’s Memory

Our diet is an essential part of our health and wellbeing. Even as we become seniors, we still need to pay attention to our diet. There are diets that professional caregivers in Orange, Connecticut can help you prepare at home. Yet, there are some foods that contain additional nutrients for improved cognition. It is ideal … Continue reading

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The Top 5 Secrets of Aging Successfully

Indeed, aging can be done “successfully”. Success in the senior years doesn’t mean you will have no sickness, disability, or age-related limitations. Successful aging means that you’re having a quality life as you venture through this wonderful season. Is successful aging really possible? As a provider of caregiver staffing in Connecticut, we answer YES. Here … Continue reading

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Prostate Cancer: What Are the Early Signs?

Prostate cancer is exclusive only for the men as it hits their prostate gland. Men can be at risk to prostate cancer starting at the age of 50 and the risks increase as the age goes higher. For this reason, your aging loved one is always encouraged to participate in routine checkups so the signs … Continue reading

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How Can Sleep Reduce the Risk for Alzheimer’s?

There are many options that you can try when it comes down to reducing the risk for Alzheimer’s. Most of these options are very effective but let’s start with the basics and it does not get any more basic than sleep. Sleep is something we all need but many of us are not getting enough … Continue reading

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