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Feeding dementia patients are somehow challenging because of their mental stability. There are times that they are like obedient little kids. However, there are days that they seem to be rebellious and very moody. This is where they can really test the lengths of your patience.

Regardless of their actions and reactions, it is our duty to love them endlessly. To express such expression, we must go the extra mile. Need helpful ideas to solve the feeding issue? Amity Home Care has some up our sleeve. As a Home Care in Orange, Connecticut, we got plenty experience about this matter. Here are some steps we recommend you to take:

  • Grab their attention first.
    First of all, you must signal the patient when it is already time to eat. Otherwise, they might not get your cues. Note that they may no longer think normally. Be creative. Learn what easily gets them.

  • Give clear and concise instructions.
    As much as possible, break your instructions into chunks of commands. If you want them to eat, ask them first to chew then afterward, to follow. If the instructions are told in a normal way, it may only confuse the patient.

  • Observe adequate food temperature.
    Be sure to serve the food under normal temperature. If it is too hot, the patient might burn his tongue and become agitated. If it becomes too soppy and cold, the eating experienced might be ruined.

  • Refrain from having food fights.
    Though the patients would display wild behaviors, try not to quarrel them over food. When they do not want to eat, ask again after some considerable time. Avoid pressuring them. It will only make things worse, if ever.

  • Improve your cooking.
    Want your dementia-stricken relatives to become more interested in eating, learn how to cook. Know which spices or viands that the patient prefer. Also, it is a good idea as well to incorporate some garnishing so that the meal will be appetizing. It might encourage the patient to take a bite.

  • Respond quickly if they need help.
    Any mishap that happens to your loved one may ruin their mood to continue eating. To avoid wasting any chances, be keen and active. By being responsive enough, you will somehow earn the patient’s trust and confidence. You may as well detect what kind of living they are experiencing.

Overall, tending to the needs of a dementia patient will be tedious. Expect that the situation will only get harder each day. If you feel like giving up, don’t. Instead, ask for another hand to help you out. That is where Amity Home Care will come into the picture! With our help as a renowned source of home care services in Orange, Connecticut, handling your loved one’s dementia can become much bearable.

Life will only get tougher, but we will not alone you to face it all alone! Let us be part of your life journey. For more details, check out our social media conduits (Facebook and Twitter).