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Making Homes Safe for Aging Individuals

If it is already time to consider the living arrangements of our senior loved ones, and they choose to age in their homes where they feel most comfortable spending the rest of their aging years, then it’s time that we think about their home situation. At Amity Home Care, a reliable home care agency in Orange, Connecticut, we have care providers who can help keep your senior loved one’s home safe for their age.

There are many home hazards in our senior loved one’s homes that we know nothing about. Sometimes, we tend to miss even the simple factors when it comes to their safety at home, such as choosing non-slip mats, making sure that their shoes and slippers are their right size, keeping the hallways clean, and many other factors to consider. We have caregivers in Connecticut that will take care of all these factors. These things can help your senior loved ones stay safer at home by preventing slips and falls from happening while they live there.

The Homemaker Services in Florida that we offer is something that many families and seniors recommend in the country. If you want to start discussing with us, please do not hesitate to give our lines a call. We look forward to hearing from you.