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Cleanliness: Key to Disease Prevention and Spread

As Caregivers in Connecticut, we do errands for multiple clients on a daily basis – depending on the duration of our duties. We expose ourselves to people with different conditions – some infectious. If we will not follow strict protocols, we might pass germs and bacteria from one senior to another. And that is why we need to apply cleanliness not only with our elderly clients but also on a personal level.

How to do that?

  • Observe proper personal hygiene
    Take a bath before proceeding to your next client. Do so especially when you went to public places. You might carry particles and respiratory droplets of other people with you.
  • Always sanitize your hands
    Wash your hands with soap and water. Bring alcohol or sanitizer if water is not accessible at the moment. Your hands are vessels to millions of germs you may pass on to others.
  • Change your clothes
    Dirt, blood, stool, and other contaminants may stick to your garments. It is better to bring a spare uniform or clothes.

There are other ways we can prevent the spread of illnesses. As providers of Homemaker Services in Florida, we commit to giving our best care, and that includes being cautious and protective.

Amity Home Care promises client satisfaction. We aim to give a reliable and worry-free service, especially during this pandemic. For a Home Care Agency in Orange, Connecticut, do not hesitate to hire us, we will never let you down.