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COPD Management: How to Care for Your Loved One

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is one of the respiratory issues affecting at least 16 million Americans. COPD is not the illness per se; rather, it is the umbrella description of many other lung diseases that result in airflow blockages and breathing difficulties. The most common types of COPD are emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

The word “chronic” in COPD means that this disease progresses over time. It has no cure but it can be managed. It is in managing COPD conditions that our caregivers in Orange, Connecticut can be of help to the patient.

Managing COPD is crucial for the patient to experience a quality life. For that, here are recommendations for you to manage COPD on a daily basis with long-term benefits:

  • Encourage them to Quit Smoking
    The decision to quit this habit should really come from your family member. You can be there to give encouraging words and offer possible options. You can encourage them to join nicotine replacement therapies and support groups.
  • Partner in Exercising
    The active lifestyle helps strengthen the lungs, which develops their breathing in the long run. Start the exercises with gradual routines such as walking around the neighborhood. Home care providers can also accompany them during these exercises when you’re not around.
  • Get Annual Flu Shots
    You cannot risk minor cough, colds, and even flu from happening to your loved one. These illnesses can easily complicate when they have COPD. Protecting them through immunization helps to improve their overall health.
  • Maintain a Clean Home
    Patients with COPD can also breathe better inside a well-cleaned home. Ensure that you don’t use products or fresheners that have strong scents. These can trigger allergic reactions and are not ideal for patients with COPD.
  • Visit the Doctor
    Ensure that your loved one visits their doctor for a checkup regularly. When you can’t keep them company, our caregiver staffing in Connecticut offers companionship and escort to doctor’s appointments.

We hope you find these tips helpful! For more recommendations on trusted caregivers, call Amity Home Care for assistance.