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3 Tips for Safe Intake of Your Medications

Medicines are essential items for health care. These medications are formulated to manage or treat different symptoms. When medications are prescribed by your doctor, it is a must to take them at the right dosage and on the right schedule.

The safe intake of medications is also an important matter. If not taken properly, medications can cause adverse effects. Instead of managing or treating symptoms, they may lead to another symptom or make your condition worse.

In an effort to promote medication safety, Amity Home Care has compiled various tips to help you out.

  1. Learn more about your prescriptions.

    Your doctor is your best source of information when it comes to the prescriptions you are taking. Know what the name of your prescriptions are and what they are for. Know also the methods with which to take them and when to take them. If you will be taking OTC drugs, be sure to know what interactions can possibly happen between them and your prescriptions. Communicate with your doctor about this matter.

    As much as possible, keep an up-to-date list of all the medicines you are taking. Additionally, read the label. All the information you need for your meds is written on the label.

    Make sure to inform your doctor about possible side effects so that a remedy can be provided.

  2. Take your medicines on time.

    Did you notice that your doctor prescribed you a certain drug that you need to take for a couple of weeks straight? This is actually part of a treatment plan. If you miss out on your meds, your treatment plan may have to be modified. Also, their effectiveness may also diminish.

    Use reminder apps or notes to help you remember when to take your meds. Otherwise, you can ask a family member or a provider of home care services in Orange Connecticut to remind you about the task.

  3. Follow proper storage directions.

    Proper storage directions for medications must be observed. This will help ensure the effectiveness and safety of the medications in terms of chemical composition. At the same time, it also keeps these drugs away from your children or pets. Have a provider of companion care in Connecticut assist you in storing your meds.

A member of our staff who will be assigned to you can help remind you about your medication intake schedule. We also provide you with Home Care in Orange Connecticut as required in your situation. For further information, do contact us right away!