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Building a Caregiving Network: Who Should Be Involved?

There is strength in numbers – particularly when it comes to providing care and support to an elderly family member. But, how can you get started on building a care network for your senior loved one?

As a family caregiver, there are numerous people, organizations, and resources that you can utilize to help take better care of your senior loved one while giving yourself the time and support you require.

Amity Home Care lists a few people and groups that you should keep in mind when building your care support network.

  • Family and Friends
    If possible, try to engage any local family members and friends who may be able to help out. In some cases, local family members may be able to swing by and look after your loved one, giving you enough time to rest. In other cases, just having the senior’s family members and friends pay social calls can boost their health and happiness.
  • Medical Professionals
    Your loved one’s doctors, including specialists and therapists, are a remarkable resource as you care for your aging loved one. It is important to establish clear lines of communication between the primary family caregiver and any medical professional involved with the senior’s care. In addition to providing important health information, a medical professional can also be your go-to person if you have any questions or face any challenges with your loved one’s care.
  • Professional Caregivers
    Everyone needs extra support now and then. In most cases, one of the best things that you can do is to look into home care and caregivers in Orange, Connecticut, for your senior loved one. Caregivers can provide your loved one with all of the care and support they need while allowing you to take a much-needed break.