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A bathroom is a place that your senior loved ones should be careful when using. We should be proactive in ensuring their convenience and safety when they are inside. Along with employing Home Care in Orange, Connecticut, you can also do the following:

  • Install grab bars and non-slip mats.

    Bathroom floors often get wet and become slippery. They increase the risk of falls, especially in the elderly and others who may have troubles with keeping a steady balance.

    Placing non-slip mats can help in this situation. It reduces the risk of falls. Installing grab bars can also help your aging parents maintain their balance. Make sure that the grab bars are installed properly and correctly for them not to be dislodged when used.

  • Have a shower bench or bath seat ready.

    When your loved ones have troubles staying in a standing position for a long time, have them sit on a shower bench or bath seat during bath time. If engaging companion care in Connecticut, inform the carer to prepare this item beforehand.

  • Make changes to the current fixtures in the bathroom.

    Switch to a detachable shower head. The carer or your loved ones themselves can easily place the shower head directly above the part they want to wash.

    Convert faucets to levers as the latter are more ergonomically easier to use for aging individuals. Make sure to change these fixtures as soon as possible for the convenience of your aging parents.

  • Choose bath products carefully.

    Bath products such as soap, shampoo and more should be ideal for an aging individual’s sensitive skin. As much as possible, choose soap in lotion gel form than the regular bar. The latter can slip off easily, making it a pain for your parents to reach for it and pick it up from the floor.

  • Remind your parents not to lock the bathroom door.

    Sure, they need privacy. But, locking the door can make it hard for your parents to immediately receive the help they need in case something happens.

    Instead of locks, let your parents put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign at the door. This way, they can take a bath without worries. Just make sure other family members understand this routine, too.

  • Engage home care services in Orange Connecticut.

    A care provider can assist your parents physically when taking a bath. They can prepare the bathroom and bathroom supplies beforehand. They can also help your loved ones in dressing afterward.

When your aging loved ones require non-medical assistance, Amity Home Care offers you our services. Get in touch with us to engage our services.