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Since food is a basic necessity of man, it’s also an important element to ensure the health of a person, especially for the elderly. For this reason, our team providing home care services in Orange Connecticut always strive to provide quality meal preparation services for our clients. Our skilled staff team assists your loved ones at home in preparing their meals to ensure that these are healthy, balanced, and nutritious.

If you’re also taking care of an elderly family member, their heart health is a major consideration in preparing meals for them. Maintaining a healthy heart condition keeps them away from heart-related ailments so they can have fruitful and quality aging years.

As the premier provider of Home Care in Orange Connecticut, let us share with you these vital reminders on how you can take care of the heart of your senior loved ones through their meals. Consider the following:

  • Ensure that the food always served to them includes a good balance of fruits, vegetables, protein, carbohydrates or grains, and dairy products. Cook their food in a way that’s easier for your loved one to swallow and enjoy. You can incorporate your creativity so that their appetite can also be encouraged, thus, helping them to eat well.

  • Drink sufficient amount of water. Staying hydrated at all times is important for seniors to keep from being dizzy and other risky consequences of dehydration. It can also improve their bowel movement.

  • For seniors who need special diet patterns, ask for a written information from their primary physician and get professional assistance from licensed dietitians, if possible. This helps you ensure that you’re providing your loved one’s meal needs as is necessary for them.

  • Be varied in serving their meals so they will not get bored with it. Instead of serving three big meals in a day, which is what we normally do, you can serve six smaller meals all through the day. Smaller meals can help them eat better and stay nourished at the same time.

  • Avoid processed foods, as they contain too much salt and sugar. However, as you may also need to prepare their foods most of the time, remember not to use too much salt and avoid adding too much sugar. These elements are trigger factors for a bad heart condition.

  • Stay away from fatty foods that come from animal fats, such as pork and beef. These foods contain bad cholesterol that can clog up easily on the bloodstreams and which is not healthy for the heart. Instead, serve healthy versions of fats, especially those that come from the plants.

These are just a few and quick reminders on how you can take care of your senior loved one’s heart health when you’re attending to them at home. If you need extra hands in caring for them, especially if they need companion care in Connecticut, don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us. Our team at Amity Home Care is always ready to serve.