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Diabetes is a generalized term used to describe a bunch of metabolic diseases that involves glucose and blood sugar level. As a result of which, the entire body system may no longer function healthily. Later on, other major organs (like the liver) may suffer abnormalities as well. Common symptoms include extreme hunger, unending thirst, and frequent urination.

This disease is certainly no joke. Its impact can be overwhelming. While there are treatments, the same can be very meticulous and hard to maintain. If you know a loved one afflicted with this difficult condition, the expert caregivers from Amity Home Care will gladly lend them a hand.

As for now, this short blog will list a few helpful hacks to assist diabetic patients. Read the following:

  • Administer medicines on time.
    Diabetes is a condition that will require concentration and commitment. Doctors will assign certain medications to be taken every now and then. Note, the said prescriptions are to be religiously followed. A single mistake may destroy the entire healing process.
  • See the doctors as often as required.
    In managing diabetes, tons of screening and tests are needed as well. This will help the doctors monitor the disease. From there, they will decide which step is the most appropriate one to take in treating the disease.
  • Restrain cigarette smoking.
    Smoking is proven to worsen diabetes. Additionally, it also brings with it other complications. Some of which are heart ailments, stroke, kidney damage, eye diseases, nerve damage, decreased blood flow to the lower limb (which may lead to leg amputation), and even sudden death.
  • Get necessary vaccines.
    Notably, diabetes seems to slowly destroy the immune system. Without the proper functioning of the defense system, diseases will likely stick to the body. At the very least, be sure the following vaccines are updated: Flu vaccine, Pneumonia vaccine, Tetanus shots, and Hepatitis B vaccine.
  • Limit alcohol intake (if not totally eradicate it).
    Alcohol can either raise or lower the blood sugar level. The effects will depend on the frequency of alcohol intake or if certain foods are eaten with it. If quitting alcohol is impossible, impose strict moderation. It is advisable to keep a calorie check every drinking opportunity.
  • Handle stress properly.
    Stress is a known propeller of many diseases. Sadly, diabetes is among the top ones. When stressed, the body becomes weaker and more prone to common diseases. Taking advantage of this, diabetes may progress swiftly.

Being sick, especially if you are already beyond 65 years old, can be alarming. With a weaker body count on to, it is really difficult to survive on your own. If you have a loved one that needs help, do not hesitate to ask. We at Amity Home Care will do our best to become a reliable Home Care in Orange, Connecticut!

Do not underestimate the power of our companion care in Connecticut. Since our each of our staff members is highly trained, expect services that are second to none!