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Every day, more and more individuals reach their senior years. The population of baby boomers is on the rise. Senior clients contribute to the rise in the demand for home care services in Orange Connecticut.

With such numbers, seniors have also become a target for many scammers. These scammers take advantage of seniors’ frailty to get what they want without regard for their victims. With the different scams that are common today, here are things you should do to help your senior loved ones avoid them:

  • Personal information

    As with other schemes, scammers obtain personal information from seniors and use this information for their personal gain. These types of information include name, Social Security number, credit card number, personal banking details, and more.

    Scammers may use various forms of media, such as calls, texts, or emails to get their information. Remind your senior loved ones not to give out personal information to those they do not know or in situations when they are not necessary. When engaging companion care in Connecticut, make sure that companions are informed about this reminder.

  • Verification Procedures

    Scammers often use bogus names or represent bogus agencies as part of their schemes. It is important to let your senior loved ones verify the identity and authenticity of the people who are calling them about various matters, especially if it involves finances.

    If you cannot find the name, phone number, or address of the company provided to you by the caller, it most likely is a scam. If the caller claims to represent a government agency, ask for an official letter or notice. Most government agencies typically mail out written notices to people.

  • Decision-making

    Scammers often make use of techniques that show a sense of urgency. For instance, they might say to senior individuals that they have a time-limited offer and that they might miss out on great opportunities. Advise your aging loved ones not to make decisions hastily and quickly. Tell them to talk about such matters with you or a trusted member of the family.

  • Regular Visits

    Do not forget to visit your aging family members regularly. Even if you have engaged home care in Orange Connecticut for them, it is still best to personally take a look at their situation in your own perspective. Check out Caller ID’s, mails, and more. There are scammers who tend to gain trust from senior victims through multiple calls and conversations. When aging individuals are lonely, they might bite into deals just to keep the conversations going.

Amity Home Care does everything in our hands to ensure that your aging family members are healthy, happy, and safe. To talk to us about our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.