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For many, the Internet has offered conveniences that were not possible before. People can shop for various items without going to a brick and mortar store. Food can be delivered in minutes. Bill payments can be made without even lining up to the cashier.

In the case of the elderly, they use the Internet for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • keeping in touch with family members, friends, and loved ones
  • online shopping
  • online banking
  • meeting new friends
  • listening to favorite music or watching movies
  • and more

However, the issue of online safety still lingers. Many senior individuals often do not have the technical know-how in protecting themselves from situations where their online safety can be compromised.

Even with companion care in Connecticut around, it is still best to remind them of what they should do to keep themselves safe online.

  • Use of Passwords

    Most online services today require the use of passwords. But, many individuals are using passwords that are not strong enough to protect their online accounts. The use of strong and unique passwords is a must for your senior loved ones. Just make sure that they can easily memorize these passwords.

    As much as possible, only the person trusted by your senior loved ones to manage their online accounts should have access to passwords. At the same time, long passwords are hard to guess and crack for most scammers.

  • Privacy Settings

    Most accounts and online services have privacy settings that users can tweak and modify according to their preferences. You should teach your senior loved ones to set their accounts to private or a setting where those they only know can view their activities or relevant info.

    If they have troubles modifying the privacy settings, take some time to tweak them for your loved ones. Trustworthy providers of home care services in Orange Connecticut can be asked for assistance if necessary.

  • Handling Junk Email

    People with email accounts often receive junk emails ranging from promotions to asking personal information outright. Advise your senior loved ones to tag these emails as spam or you can get into their email settings and make the modifications yourself. You might also want to block or unsubscribe to these emails.

  • Report Abuse

    Tell your aging family members to report to the site or relevant government agencies about acts of cyberbullying or when they receive rude, threatening, or abusive comments. They can seek help from providers of home care in Orange Connecticut on how to submit such report.

Amity Home Care strives hard to ensure the safety of our senior clients not only on the Internet but also in their homes. For more information on our services, please get in touch with us today.