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Bathroom safety is among the top reasons why our elderly often ends up in the hospital. The lack of bathroom safety can lead to various injuries, whether internal or external, and because of the fragility of our seniors, the impact may be harder on them than other people. This is why we must always keep an eye out for their general and overall health, and this includes bathroom safety.

With the help of Amity Home Care, a provider of companion care in Connecticut, we bring you these tips to ensure bathroom safety for your elderly even when you are away:

  1. Install hand bars and other assistive equipment.

    Your elderly will need assistance when navigating their way and it will be extra helpful for them to be able to hold on to something in case they lose their footing or just generally need a guide into the bathroom.

  2. Make use of bath mats or rugs.

    The purpose of bath mats or rugs is to avoid slippage, especially if your bathroom tiles are composed of a very slippery kind of tile. These bath mats provide friction against the floor, making your elderly less likely to slip.

  3. Introduce anti-skid socks to your elderly.

    The idea of wearing anti-skid socks may be new to your elderly, but after you explain the benefits of these to them, it will be much better for them and much easier to walk around the house. Anti-skid socks, like bath mats, provide friction against the floor, making it easier to avoid slippage.

  4. Utilize raised toilet seats.

    By adding to the height of your toilet seats, it’ll be much easier and less strenuous on the part of your elderly to take the seat. It will be closer to them and so they will need less bending.

  5. Improve lighting in the bathroom.

    Because your elderly may have difficulty seeing in dim lighting, it is best to install bright or sufficient light in your bathroom so that it’ll be easier for them to navigate, especially on particularly dark days when the outside light does not enter through the window.

  6. Ensure proper maintenance for all bathroom equipment.

    Of course, in order to avoid breakages or unwanted accidents, you have to ensure that your bathroom equipment is at its peak and best state. Regularly check for any possible leaks in the shower line or any breaks in the piping.

As a provider of Home Care in Orange Connecticut, Amity Home Care is concerned for the overall welfare of your elderly loved ones, not just in the internal aspects of their health but also the external. We take into account the outside factors that may or may not contribute to good health. With our companion care and homemaker services that are thoroughly designed to enhance one’s quality of life, Amity Home Care is capable of helping you through these challenges faced by your elderly.